Fact Sheet

Dine at a Floating Restaurant

Enjoy a traditional Philippe lunch while in a boat floating around the countries cleanest rivers, ringed by nature.

Bohol is the main island of Bohol Province, it is the tenth largest island in the Philippines. Bohol has everything you're looking for, from white beaches, beautiful nature with its diverse wildlife, The world-class diving, waterfalls, hundreds of caves for spelunking to the incredible history along with its colonial Spanish churches. Bohol is a tropical haven of natural beauty. The coastline of the island is skimmed by gentle coves tiny Tarsiers(animal) are sleeping all day, only getting active at night to find food. Their heads can rotate 180 degrees. The Tarsier is small, like a human fist, but it has extremely huge eyes. FALLING IN LOVE WITH A WONDERLAND LIKE BOHOL is almost as easy as a cool breeze.

Tarry the Chocolate Mountains

Hundreds of symmetrical green mountainous hills lay as far as the eye can see. During the summer months, the lush green mountains turn chocolate brown thus getting its name.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Dine in on a floating boat restaurant followed by night kayaking leaving you feeling relaxed and blissful.

Go Night Kayaking

Experience Kayaking like never before. Kayak from dusk into the night, watch the skies turn pink and orange, witness the fireflies and trees begin to glow a fluorescent green colour while you travel alongside them.