Fact Sheet

Swimming ,Canyoning and Whale Shark Watching in Oslob

Swim beside the prodigious whales and the rare Thresher Sharks, which is sure to give you the fidgets but is truly also an experience, of a lifetime.

Cebu is the thrill heartbeat of the Philippines, rich in culture and heritage. It is the countries oldest city dating back to 1565. Dawdle around the ancient yet firm walls and streets of the city. When it comes down to Cebuano food there is a vibrant, variety and availability of choice, from fast food joints like Jollibee to the world famous Lechon. Dive with Thresher Sharks and whales, visit the stunning Aguinid Falls, camp in the mountains and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets in Mactan. Stay at the most fabulous hotels in the bosom of Cebu, While fraternizing with the warm, talented and captivating Cebuano's. Foray with us into this mystical land we call the queen of the south.

Go Night Kayaking

Experience Kayaking like never before. Kayak from dusk into the night, watch the skies turn pink and orange, witness the fireflies and trees begin to glow a fluorescent green colour while you travel alongside them.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Rest and after roaming the beautiful and archaic city of Cebu. Enjoy a meal at the most famous restaurant Anzani and after return to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Day 2

Prepare to swim alongside the spine chilling sea kings, the whales and the sharks and After kayak the beautiful waters in the night to see the dragonflies and trees illuminate the night sky.

Day 3

Laze in the charm and affluence of the cruise, bear witness to the eye-popping, jaw-dropping sunset while spoiling yourself with a glass in one hand, delicious meal in the other and some fine company.

Luxury Sunset Cruise with Dinner and wine in Cebu

Bear witness to the roaring love affair of the mighty sea and the golden setting sun, whilst devouring on some delicious food and sipping fine wine. Riot the ultimate yacht experience.