Fact Sheet

The Northern Lights

The Northern lights float around the dark skies like silk veils, rich and smooth. The months from September to April are best to experience the Northern lights.

Norway has enough to offer a lifetime, its judicious mountains, legions of waterfalls, splendid fjords, picturesque countryside and of course the marvellously bewildering northern lights, one must set forth on a journey that best combines the country's public transport routes which graciously warm the eyes. Bodo is located in the northern region of Norway, which truly is a mystic's sceptical with its midnight suns, maelstroms, poignant surroundings and its dynamic light. However, Bodo does have much more to offer, you need not look too far to catch a glimpse of the mighty sea eagles, hike through one of the most picturesque mountain landscapes or simply drive along the grand coastal landscape.

In and around Bodo

Bodo is easily accessible from all parts of Norway, there is a wide range of accommodations and eateries. It is popularly known for island hopping, the northern lights, fulgent hiking trails and panoramic views of Bodo.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Spend two days lavishly in Bodo, located on an unsheltered peninsula in the Norwegian seabed is one of Norway’s most windy cities so make sure to pack wisely and warmly. Eat some freshly boiled salted shrimps sold from small fishing boats along the marina, spend the evening watching the wondrous Northern lights. Hike the nearer towns including keiservarden which is an easy walk with a grand view of the vestfjord sea and soon after renting a car, drive down the unwinding and tranquil roads to Sal Tstraumen.

Day 2

Lay back and enjoy the view of the maelstrom along with some surreal fishing spots from the Kjelen cafe which is perched on the edge of a bank, famous for møsbrømlefse, i.e. a warm pastry with a delicious brown filling. Venture on a sea eagle safari, get close to them and if lucks in your favour, you might even see their nests! Sal Tstraumen is probably the greatest starting point for rambling in the mountain terrain with views overlooking the fjords.

Home of the strongest maelstrom - Sal Tstraumen

Experience the power of the world pools, go on a white sea eagle safari in a speedboat and dive into Saltstraumen tremulous and oxygen-rich waters. Saltstraumen is also the site of Norway’s oldest human settlement.