Fact Sheet

Citrarasa Sabah

It is a food event held by grand Malaysia; it attributes to a culinary competition between the hotels. Relish in the faultless blend of signature Sabahan dishes

Sabah is the third largest island in the world and second largest in the exquisite country of Malay. Sabah's capital is Kota Kinabalu which receives flights directly from Singapore. Sabah derives its name from the banana tree called 'Pisang Sabaa', which grows in abundance along its west coast area, trek Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia’s granite beast, or Kota Kinabalu: A city on the sea, zipline from island to another, explore the malibu basin and meet the orphaned orangutans. Soak in the field of vision of carnivorous plants and visit Danum Valley: Sabah’s most biodiverse jungle. Studded with picturesque gorges and rivers fed by mountain ranges and is heaven for man and wildlife alike.

Sea Walking and stargazing

Kota Kinabalu is the place to be, admire both the sea and the stars. Sea walks under the water by day and favour the blanket of stars above you by night.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Devour in traditional Sabahan food, and then set fouth to Kota Kinabalu to set forth on an adventure like never before. carry on your head a helmet of 36kgs and walk on the ocean floor touching and seeing marine life like never before. later set camp and enjoy the splendour of the stars through the night while enjoying some liquor and fun.

Day 2

Lavish around and play a game or maybe more of golf. spoil yourself in the luxury of Sutera. the following day visit the market streets and engulf the culture Sabah has to offer. join in the Citrarasa Sabah, visit the first national park of Malaysia, Kinabalu park and play along with the wonderfully orange orangutangs.

Golfing in Kota Kinabalu

Sabah's natural beauty and habitat making it one that is absolutely captivating and of which that cannot be missed. Bathe in the luxurious harbour of Sutera enjoying an experience of night golf right by the sea.