Fact Sheet

Green Lungs

Some of the lesser-known about tel Aviv is its lovely parks and green expanses, a glamour in itself that most are unaware off.

Ahuzat Bayit or more widely known as Tel Aviv is the first all Jewish city of modern times and the second-largest city in Israel however one cannot ignore the dynamic outgoing lifestyles that blend into one another to create the beautiful city. no, Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel yet it is home to the top 10 fashion capitals of the world. If clear white skies and buildings, some incredible sushi, culture, incredible art, parties and the beach are what you have in mind then look no further.

Tel Aviv Blues Festival

A Four day-long event, forty concerts spread over twenty different locations in and about Tel Aviv flaunting in all its glory and vibrancy its local blues artists.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Spend your days walking the glamorous streets of Tel Aviv, walk the vibrant street markets and high-end fashion boutiques, experience a burst of flavour with every bite be it fine dine or street cuisine. Later soak in the energy of the roaring crowds and the blues concert let your hair loose be a part of the magical nights.

Day 2

Relax by the beach and laze around in the warm sand, later spend the day exploring and enjoy the sleepless cities nightlife.


Tel Aviv has a whole of 13 blue water golden sand beaches to offer with every imaginable activity from surfing kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing to paddleboarding.