Fact Sheet

Cooking and salsa

Acquaint yourself with the unique culture of Costa Rica by dipping into, both, the food and dance of the country.

San Jose is a neoclassical brilliance built in a faux-Mediterranean style with hundreds of condominiums above it. San Jose boasts of a temperate climate pronounced by two seasons the rainy and the dry season. Costa Ricans affectionately call themselves and others 'Ticos'. Costa Rica indeed is a unique nation, built from its recent history of tolerance and prosperity. its pillars of society revolve around democracy, peace, stability, education and the family. Costa Rica’s western coast is a well-known Blue Zone, wherein its inhabitants commonly live active lives past the age of 100. Home to five active volcanoes and absolutely no army. Costa Rica is the land to visit.

Costa Rica Canyoning in the Lost Canyon

Surge down huge waterfalls, dive into pools, zip down rappels, climb down the canyon walls, and hike through the rainforests. Begin the journey with "baby " followed by "big boy" waterfall, finish with warrior buffet.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Enjoy and explore the city of San Jose, visit the local markets and indulge in conversation with warm-hearted Ticos. smoke out the true culture of the Costa Ricans by learning about their food and dance.

Day 2

Brace yourself as you prepare to hike and canoe, canoeing is probably best described as white water rafting without the boat. , the lost canyon followed by stand up paddle on Lake Arenal.

Stand Up Paddle on Lake Arenal

Venture to Costa Rica's largest lake and hop on board our private boat as your guide and captain load you up with stand up paddle gear and a cooler full of icy bottled water and fresh fruits. As we embark on our journey.