Fact Sheet

City Of Lakes

Hanoi is built on the banks of Red River with traces of over twenty lakes and rivers which belt the entire city enhancing its aesthetic appeal altogether.

Hanoi isn't only the capital of Vietnam but also One of the Most Ancient Capitals in the World celebrating over a full 1000 years. Hanoi's' food is the definition of simplicity and wins no points in complexity, impeccably rich in flavor, it is considered as the true reflection of Vietnam. One cannot ignore the minted beer culture of Vietnamese, the most famous beer being "bia hoi" or fresh beer.Vietnamese culture revolves around community, humanity, harmony and family making it the adobe of hospitality. lizard fishing, elephant rides are all widespread hobbies of the locals.

Hanoi to Halong Bay

Enjoy a day away from the cities hustle bustle. Hanoi to Halong city, let the tranquil beauty and stunning scenery from the sundeck of a traditional junk take over while enjoying fresh seafood lunch on the boat.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Warm up as you prepare to cruise the soothing waters of ha-tong bay , soaking in the beautiful seascape , paddy fields whilst enjoying an appetizing lunch.

Day 2

Relax through the day ,while enjoying the traditional Vietnamese massage ,“Tam quat" which focuses on improving blood circulation through out the body , followed out by a night out in the city

Day 3

Paradise caves waits in anticipation as we are propelled to wards its grand Gothic cathedral entrance as we are pulled in by the caves alluring nips and grooves.

Paradise caves

Trek , lunch and swim in the cleavage of the cave.Paradise cave is 31 kilometers long, making it one of the longest caves in the world. its grand cathedral entrance coaxes us inside.