Fact Sheet

Shortest Grand Prix track

Monaco's Grand Prix circuit is the shortest track of 3.340 kilometres on the formula 1 race calendar however it bears the greatest number of laps, a total of 78

Embark on a journey of speed and thrill, roaring crowds and screaming engines and cars you've only dreamed of flashing past you faster than the naked eye can fathom. Monaco's Grand Prix welcomes you as it boasts of the actuality and Triple Crown of Motorsport along with the Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans making it one of the three most elite and prestigious motor races in the world that a driver can't help but hope to win their enthralling careers. Monaco's principality and prepossessed beauty are just one of the many reasons to visit this admired country, let loose and blow off steam in the bawdy and intriguing casinos.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix track is one of the most awaited circuits drawing in nearly all of the world’s eminent drivers’ prestigious crowds Cheer on the delirium of the unimaginable speed and vaunted cars whizzing past one another.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Spend the day cheering and enjoying the F1 Monaco Grand Prix race, later spend the night relishing a brilliant meal in a fine dining restaurant.

Day 2

Explore the city, lay a luxurious yacht soaking in the beauty and grandeur of the principality. Dress in your finest suits and head straight for some of the most stirrings of casinos.

Casino Monte-Carlo

Stand out, throw the dice and test your luck in Mancos and world overs' finest and opulent casino, play alongside high rollers and the general public alike. Soak in the marvellous and vibrant heart of the grand principality.