Fact Sheet

Beauteous Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms stretch their bough through the northern part of Taiwan and gradually works its way down south, starting mid-February till the end of April.

On seeing Taiwan for the first time in the 1500s the Portuguese sailors christened the island as "Ilha Formosa" which means the beautiful island. Taiwan in spring is the modern time Eden, with its crown lakes, stunningly dramatic white marble canyons, the mesmerising red and orange stares of waterfalls.the mammoth-like cliffs and of course the most beautiful and epiphany worthy Cherry Blossoms. Besides Taiwan's splendid landscape and character, its food is no less inviting from Iron eggs, fried chicken to delicious pineapple cakes and tea. The embracing locals, night markets, grand temples, hiking trails, nightlife and unique hotels truly summons one and all.


Cilan, solitary and bygone, the only standing ancient cypress forest left in all of Asia is famous for its flowers including cherry blossoms, azaleas and camellias along with the grand Cilan villa.

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Walk along with the multitudes of winding pathways and nature trails, explore the rugged features of the ancient trees and fields of flowers in the forest along with the very many species of birds like the mullers barbet and Taiwan blue magpie. Relish the traditional Taiwanese food and lavish through the nights in the Cilan villas.

Day 2

Spend a day visiting and exploring the city's most ingenious temples, architecture and nightlife, devour in the magical flavours of both the street food and in the dandy restaurants.

Day 3

Depending on the season witnessed the harvesting of alpine fruits and vegetables, The dart red maple leaves and seas of cherry, plum and peach trees climb Shueisha, Taiwan's second-highest peak and most beautiful. other attractions around Wuling include peach mountain, the one most difficult to conquer in all of Taiwan and Taoshan waterfall the grandest alpine waterfalls in the country.

Wuling Forest Recreation Area

Situated in the mountains of Shueisha, Wuling offers spectacular scenery that changes along with every season. Wuling was originally used as a fruit orchard by the soldiers, producing peach, nectar blossoms and Taiwan walnut.