Fact Sheet

Dubai city of gold

Dubai is a 21st-century enigma, it is home to dazzling lights, delectable luxury, distinctive tradition and Bab Al Shams.

Bab Al Shams is an absolute annotation of luxury and grandeur in soul. It is a stone's throw away from the humming city of Dubai, Bab Al Sham relishes its blockade and solitude snuggled among supine dunes and rustic charm making it the worlds most desired choice for a desert dream getaway. Immerse yourself into a safe haven of ambrosial food, camel rides and archery ranges. Delight in nature walks, outside, the resort’s desert ecosystem hosts gazelles, birds, geckos and a cornucopia of wildlife. Regale your eyes with Falconry demonstrations and enthusiastic belly dancers. Dandle in Bab Al Sham's exquisite rooms & suites, polished vistas and world-class hospitality. Bab Al-Sham Desert Resort and Spa is truly a spectacle, one that cannot be missed.

Desert Drive

Drift through the vast and often savage desert in style in one of our open-top Land Rover Defenders.Shave past protected indigenous wildlife such as the desert gazelle and Arabian Oryx, while revelling folklores of the desert

Highlights & Activities

Day 1

Enjoy the world-class luxury and hospitality at the Bab Al Shams desert resort and Spa. Dine at their in house restaurants. masala, le dune and many more you have a wide variety to choose from.

Day 2

Explore Dubai, A port city which has always been a hub of bustling commerce and bedouin legacy and ancestry. peek into the entertainment culture and food Dubai has to offer. Transit from the hotel to the city centre will be provided by the hotel itself.

Rooms & Suites

Bab Al-Sham wholly mirrors the essence of Middle Eastern traditions, the room beyond doubt is a balance between luxury and authenticity, along with all the contemporary style and comfort.